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A meta-analysis that assessed the therapeutic effects of acupuncture on dementia. It included 22 randomised controlled trials, pooling data from 19 of them. The results showed that the curative effect of acupuncture was better than that of the control. The reviewers concluded that acupuncture therapy is effective in dementia, but that more and better quality studies are needed to confirm this.

A review that looked at acupuncture treatment for some common conditions. It is found that, in many cases, the acupuncture points traditionally used have a neuroanatomical significance from the viewpoint of biomedicine.

Acupuncture Spinal Cord, unsolicited and A Guide To Using Medicobot To Relieve Pain. Some of the contraindications include pacemaker, seizures, bleeding disorders, use of blood thinners, infectious disorders or disease of the skin, and intoxication by drug or alcohol. Caution should be used in pregnancy and some areas should be avoided to prevent stimulation of delivery too early.

To the Western ear, TCM diagnoses sound esoteric, even poetic. In the case of a person with diabetes presenting with symptoms of excessive thirst, the diagnosis can be described as kidney Yin deficiency along with lung Yin deficiency and “internal heat that consumes fluids, thus bringing on wasting and thirsting.”7

Research studies are clear on this: physical activity is an effective way to relieve depression-in some cases as effective as medications. Emotional movement in terms of trying something new or a new solution is also a way to rise above your depression.

It has also been said that acupuncture can help with various heart conditions such as angina and high blood pressure. Aside from these, acupuncture has also been said to help people suffering from depression.

The trial examined the treatment of chronic stress as perceived by the 18 participants who all self-reported high stress levels. They were allocated to weekly TCA for 5 weeks; weekly attention only (practitioner present and participant supine) for 5 weeks or were in a waiting list control group.

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